27th World Championship for Young Roofers will take place in Latvia

From 14.11.2018. till 16.11.2018. every day at 9:00-17:00 the 27th World Championship for Young Roofers will take place at the Kipsala International Exhibition Center. It’s the first time this event takes place in Latvia and it’s significant that such an important event in the construction industry takes place the year of Latvias 100th anniversary. Everyone interested are welcomed. There is no entry fee and there is free parking.     The championship is one of the most... read more


Roof membranes - excellent prices!

15% discount of Eurovent products - diffusion membranes, anti-condensation foil, ridge and chimney flashing tapes! High-quality Eurovent membranes - great prices!  More information about Eurovent membranes ►         ⇒ TO BUY THE EUROVENT CAMPAIGN GOODS AND TO SAVE UP POINTS! ⇒ TO EXCHANGE A BONUS POINTS FOR A  CAMPAIGN GOODS ONLY FOR 1 EUR!       Products of Sales bonus 2018 programm -> Buklets EN   Attention! This offer is valid... read more


Greetings for partners and clients!

We would like to thank you very much for the successful cooperation this year and look forward to the success of the new 2018!  


The GREEN variety of the copper roof and facade!

The copper roof is a stately and exclusive roof covering. It covers not only the roofs of churches, cathedrals and beautiful mansions but also the roofs and facades of public and apartment buildings. Classically shiny the copper is only for a short time until in a years’ time it gets light brown through the process of oxidation. Copper is a natural material therefor it changes its surface tone due to natural weathering and oxidation, surviving three stages of development - from... read more


PREFALZ roof color Patina Grün - now with coating P.10!

New P.10 colour Patina Grün for PREFALZ aluminium material! Aluminium material surface with P.10 coating is resistant to fadding, cracking and scratches. For P.10 coating is 40 year colour guarantee!   PREFALZ P.10 Patina Grün (Patina Green) is light green basic colour with diversity of darker green-grey. Patina Grün colour looks like green patina of cooper materials. Green copper Patina is very expensive material and it is one of reasons to choose aluminium... read more


VELUX product news 2017!

June 01 VELUX Latvia presented the Velux product news 2017 at the Riga Motormuseum!       More about Velux roof windows ►   Axcelere Ltd. / Maskavas street 250, Riga, LV-1063, Latvia +371 67063750 / /


Eurovent X-STRONG diffusion membrane

Producer of diffusion membranes and foils Eurovent add to his product range a new strong diffusion membrane X-STRONG.   Eurovent X-STRONG is four-layer vapour-permable roof membrane. Made of two layers of polypropylene nonwoven, reinforcing mesh and functional film which ensures high vapour-permeability and water-tightness of the underlay.   Product is with high UV resistance wich allow to perform assembly of final roof covering with considerable... read more


PREFALZ aluminium roofs now in elegeant BLACK colour!

PREFA has developed new elegant colour for roof and facade systems - Black P.10 (Schwarz P.10)!   P.10 coating guarantee that black and other P.10 colours don't to fade and peel off, your houses roof or facade will stay constant at least 40 years.   New PREFA colour Black P.10 is available for all PREFA products - for PREFALZ roofs and facades, for small format roofs - aluminium rhombs, roof panels FX.12 and R16, shingles, for small format facades - rhombs, shingles and... read more


"The Best Building of 2016 in Latvia" nominated titanium zinc and copper roofs

"The Best Building in Latvia of the Year 2016" are nominated buildings with roofs from Axcelere offer - KME TECU Classic copper roof, SILESIA PRE-PATINA titanium zinc roof and Rheinzink prePATINA blaugrau titanium zinc roof.   In the category "Restoration" - Restoration of Riga Chatedral and tower. In the category "Public building" - The office building of JSC "Latvia's State Forests" (LVM) in Dundaga and 1th and 4th construction row of Meeting house at Lacplesa street in... read more


Axcelere will participate in the largest Building Fair in the Baltics "Home I 2017"

International Building Trade Fair "Home I 2017" is the biggest Building Fair at the Baltics. There you will meet builders, architects, building experts and masters, manufacturers and traders from all Europe.   At Axcelere booth you will be able to see PREFA (Austria) aluminium roofs, RHEINZINK (Germany), VMZINC (France) and SILESIA (Poland) titanium zinc roofs, KME (Germany) copper roofs, rainwater systems (Zambelli - copper and steel ROBUST rainwater systems), ENKE (Germany)... read more


TECU® Premium - innovative alloy of copper with tin!

KME Germany GmbH & Co. KG the leader in copper presented the new TECU® Premium at Building Fair "Bau 2017" at end of January of this year.   TECU Premium is an innovative alloy of copper with a small proportion of high-grade tin:   for easy processing for a extraordinary appearance from the very beginning for intensive and rapid oxidation   !!! TECU Premium will be available at middle of this year.     More about copper roofs ► More about... read more


Heartwarming holidays!

  Axcelere opening hours during festivity: 23.12.2017. we are open from 9:00 till 15:00 From 24.12.2017. till 01.01.2017. Axcelere office and warehouse will be CLOSED We start to work ar 02.01.2017. Will see you next year!



New Prefa Architect calendar 2017 full of inspiration, design and durability!   There are 12 extraordinary architects from 6 countries, all of whom share the passion of PREFA aluminium.       Ltd. Axcelere, Maskavas street 250, Riga, LV-1063 /


Rheinzink Architect calendar 2017

Rheinzink Architect calendar 2017 is here!   There you can see brightest titanium zinc projects of Year 2016 - classic titanium zinc roofs and facades,  modern perforate titanium zinc facades and extraordinary titanium zinc projects with roofing from handmade rhombs and decorative titanium zinc roof and facade strips like "thread-lace".     More about Rheinzink titanium zinc roofs ►   Ltd. Axcelere, Maskavas street 250, Riga, LV-1063, Latvia Phone: +371... read more


Eurovent MULTI - glue for gluing of roofing foils and membranes

Eurovent MULTI is a universal strongly adhesive. Glue is suitable for gluing vapour insulation, roofing membranes and foils inside and outside buildings. Aplication temperature of glue is from -10C to +40C.   Eurovent MULTI 310 ml - 6.73 EUR/pcs. Price with VAT 21%.     More about Eurovent MULTI ►   Ltd. Axcelere, Maskavas street 250, Riga, LV-1063 Photo: +371 67063750 / /


Pure Design in Lungitudinal Format - new PREFA aluminium roof tile R.16

Since start of this year PREFA offers new aluminium small format roofing - aluminium roof tile R.16. Pure Design in Longitudinal Format provides maximum freedom for architect to create interesting and  distinctive architecture. Length 70 cm of aluminium roof tile R.16 to allow cover little roof with 3-4 pieces of roof panel per square meter.     More information about roof tile R.16 ►   Ltd. Axcelere, Maskavas street 250, Riga, LV-1063, Latvia Phone:... read more


PREFA aluminium snow barrier

Snow has come earlier than expected? Is your roof prepared for snowy winter?   PREFA aluminium snow barrier is excellent solution to protect the roof, people and the greenery of drifting snow. Additionally choose ice guard elements that will prevent the spring melting snow and ice layers uncontrolled falling from the roof.   PREFA aluminium snow barrier is universal, it is suitable for aluminium roofs, and also for titanium zinc and steel standing seam roofs. PREFA snow... read more


Eurovent UNO COLD tape for low temperatures

Eurovent UNO COLD single-sided tape suitable for sealing and repairing of roof membranes, roof foils, ventilating chimneys and window boxes. Tape is suitable for application in minus temperatures.   Price of tape Eurovent UNO COLD (50mm x 25rm) - 7.36 EUR/pcs (with VAT 21%).     More about Eurovent sealing tapes ►   Ltd. Axcelere, Maskavas street 250, Riga, LV-1063 Phone: +371 67063750 / /


Training - Right and efficient using of Enkopur waterproofing

Axcelere organized practical training on 20.09.2016., during whitch participants learned correctly to apply Enkopur waterproofing. At theoretical part of trainings director of Axcelere Arnis Rubenis told about ENKE-WERK products - Enkolit glue, Enkryl and Enkopur waterproofing for roofs, balconies and terraces. Then was practical part of training, where each participiant received a certain task to process the workpiece with Enkopur, considering all steps of waterproofing system -... read more



  We start EUROVENT SUMMER SALE!   Eurovent roof membranes - CLASSIC, MAXI, MAXI SK2, STRONG, STRONG SK2, SUPER, SUPER SK2 and METALLIC - 15% discount! Eurovent tapes for ridge and chimney - RALL STANDARD, FLEX STANDARD ALU, FLEX 3D ALU, FLEX STANDARD Pb, FLEX FLAT Pb - 20% discount!   Pricelist of EUROVENT SUMMER SALE ►   More information about EUROVENT SUMMER SALE ►     JSC Axcelere Maskavas street 250, Riga, LV-1063 Phone: +371... read more


PREFA stands of aluminium roofing

PREFA has developed several new exciting and innovative roof materials. Now these product can to see at Axcelere office. We have refreshed the PREFA aluminium roof stands adding a roof and facade panel FX.12, roof tile R.16, new PREFALZ colours Bronze and Schwarzgrau, as well as some new P.10 coating colours - Hellgrau, Zinkgrau, Anthrazit, Nussbraun, Steingrau un Oxydrot.   PREFA material stands to facilitate a work for both architects and owners to choose the best colour of... read more


Congratulations to the Midsummer night!

  Axcelere office and warehouse opening hours at Ligo festivitie: 22.06.2016. 9:00 - 16:00 23.06.2016. and 24.06.2016. - CLOSED!   Ltd. Axcelere Maskavas street 250, Rīga, LV-1063, Latvia Phone: +371 67063750


Latvian Architecture Award 2016 receives LNMA

On May 19 at the "Splendid Palce" movie theater has been heiled the Annual Latvian Architecture Award 2016 one of the most important awards in architecture of Latvia. The Architecture Adward 2016 Grand Prix went to the renovated Latvian National Museum of Art. The renovation project was handled by "Processoffice", "Audrius Skiezgelas Architecture" from Lithuania and "Arhitektoniskās izpētes grupa" from Latvia.   For LNMA roofing is used German producers Rheinzink titanium zinc... read more


Axcelere wishes sunny and happy Easter!

  Axcelere office and wearehouse opening hours at Easter: 24.03.2016. - 9:00 - 16:00 25.03.2016. - 28.03.2016. - CLOSED   Ltd. Axcelere Maskavas street 250, Riga, LV-1063, Latvia Phone: +371 67063750


Riga Castle and LNMA receives "Latvian Construction Industry Award 2015" GRAND PRIX!

On March 10 at the Culture palace "Ziemeļblāzma" were awarded winners of competition "Latvia Construction Industry's Annual Award 2015" organized by magazines "Latvijas Būvniecība" and "Latvijas Arhitektūra" - best buildings in Latvia of the Year 2015 - in 10 nominations.   GRAND PRIX of "Latvian Construction Industry's Annual Award 2015" receives renovation and restoration of Riga Castle's frontal castle and Eastern extension and reconstruction of Latvian National Museum of Art... read more


Star Wars & VELUX Galactic Night blackout blinds collection

VELUX has developed a new Star Wars & VELUX Galactic Night collection of blackout blinds. Collection consisting of four exciting designs - Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Robots and The Death Star. For nurseries and bedrooms, you would want to choose the Star Wars design as is not made of harmful chemicals and ensures that the room stays dark. The unique Pick&ClickTM system has made the installation process fast and... read more


Snow barrier - for Your safety and roofing protection!

The weather keeps surprising us this year - one moment it is a beautiful and white winter, and the next the warm temperatures have risen and the ice is melting. The tick snow cover cheers both  children and pearents by letting fully enjoy winter activities. However at the same time, it leads building owners and managers to take extra care with roofing treatments so the falling snow wouldn't harm the surrounding buildings and the safety of people. In order to prevent the possible threat... read more


Holiday Season's Greetings!

We, the team of Axcelere, are THANKING you for this year's creative and successful cooperation. We look forward to continuing with the projects already begun and to fulfillingnew ideas in the year 2016 just as successful. We have a gift for ourselves, our clients and our cooperation partners - a new easier to use, more modern and visually more beauteful hompage - Visit our hompage and see it for yourself! Take a look at the photo albums of already finished projects, as... read more


Bauder bitumen roof membranes

Since the start of this year, the trading company of metal roofs and facades Axcelere is offering the products intended for roofs manufactured by the German factory Paul Bauder GmbH in the Latvian market.   Requirements for the creation of roof constructions may be diverse, therefore the quality of the selected roofing materials and suitability for the particular roof, as well as the roofer's craftsmanship have decisive influence on the sustainable and useful service of the roof.... read more


Try the INTEGRA roof window with electrical control

At the Axcelere office in Riga, Maskavas Street 250, the stand of Premium class VELUX INTEGRA roof window is installed. This is a unique opportunity to see and try the INTEGRA roof window and its accessories in operation. You can ascertain on the spot how by the control unit it is possible to open and shut the window, blinds or shutters easly and comfortably, as well as to appreciate the efficiency of the rain sensor. Experienced consultants provide full professional information about... read more