Enkopur is the single-component heavy-duty sealant. Enkopur can be applied directly out of the packing drum and is also suitable for surfaces with stagnant water.

ENKOPUR is on polyurethane-based product of liquid consistency that is ready for instant use. Solvent added. Perfect for repair works of bitumen, metal and slate roof coverings, as well as hydroisolation of roof connections, chimneys and joining places. It can be used on highly sloping two-slope roofs, as well as flat roofs.


Enkryl liquid plastic is economic restoration system without solvents. Enkryl is used for roofs with sufficient pitch and can be applied directly to the preperate substrate with a roller or by airless spraying.

ENKRYL is a polyurethane-based product of liquid consistency that is ready for instant use. Perfect for bitumen, metal and slate roof coverings and roofs with small slope. It can be used for repairing roof coverings, as well as waterproofing.


For Enkopur and Enkryl waterproffing always need to use primer depending on the substrate. Universal primer 933 can be used for nearly all structurate substrates, bitumen, metal, wood composite and other surfaces.

Before applying ENKOPUR or ENKRYL, the respective surface has to be dry, clean of dust and it has to be primed. The layer of primer forms a better hydro-isolation adherence with the covering, thus ensuring a more efficient and stable result.

Universal primers are suitable for metal, wood, concrete, brick and bitumen surfaces. There are certain materials such as glass and plastic that require special primers.


Enke Polyflex fleece has good mechanical properties and is ideally suited to being saturated with any of the Enke products, f.e., with Enkopur and Enkryl. The special texture of this fleece lends to sealing extremely uneven substrates.

When carrying out a complete process of waterproofing spreading, it is required to use special reinforcement fabric.

There is fabric and fabric kits of different sizes available for places that are the most difficult to handle-corners and roof outlets.